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Clothing Store

In April 2011, following in her mother Christine's fashion footsteps....mum of two, Georgia Bailey opened New Collection. A bespoke woman's boutique located in the reputable and prestigious Leeds suburb of Chapel Allerton.

Since its interception, New Collection has established a track record of showcasing an array of quality prestigious fashion brands, as well as much sought after "haute couture" products....specifically for those who demand and have sophisticated designer requirements. As a result, we now have a devoted and loyal band of "fashionista" followers!!

New Collection believes the right outfit can give every women a confidence boost and make them feel sassy seven days a week. After all, life is way too short to accept anything less than the best.

We only source and hand pick our products from genuine reputable suppliers from around the world. Brands such as Robell, A Postcard From Brighton, Intown, Yest, Religion, One Life, Loft, Capri, well as adding new, exciting and innovative designer brands to enhance and complement our existing collection.

The New Collection team lives and breathes fashion. We are committed to delivering gorgeous garments that not only stand the test of time, make the wearer feel that little bit more special and pampered....but above all else exceed expectations. Love your fashion!!

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